Population Health & Connect Summit

To accommodate the growing number of individuals and organizations who want to join in the sharing, learning, and networking opportunities, the Population Health & Connect Summit sessions will be incorporated into UGM and XGM going forward. Please join us at these meetings for sessions and conversations on these topics.

2019 Population Health Meetings

  • XGM Pop Health Advisory Council (May 6-7)

  • UGM Peer-to-Peer and Advisory Council sessions (search Pop Health tag)

  • UGM Pop Health Cool Stuff breakout (August 28)

2019 Connect Meetings

  • XGM Connect Advisory Council (May 6)

  • UGM Executive Breakout Track: Connect Focus (August 27)

  • UGM Peer-to-Peer sessions (search Connect tag)

  • Monthly Connect Panel Call (hosted on UserWeb)